We offer both featured and general listings, which you can cancel at anytime or auto-renew so you don't have to worry about the hassle of keeping up with another bill.  With major advertisers shutting down ads for all of the recovery industry, we wanted to provide affordable options to make sure those seeking your sober homes, can easily find them in their time of need. 
$49 p/mo

Featured listing

Get Started with Featured

When you list your property, you have the option to select Featured Listing or General Listing.  The benefits of Featured Listings are:

1. More visibility: You will appear on the front page of our site whenever someone logs in who is within 50 miles of your property location.  We use advanced technology to show them the featured homes closest to them which increases your chances of converting someone who views your property into a reservation.

2. Shown directly on our affiliate websites and applications, such as Sober Grid, the largest social mobile networking application for people with substance abuse issues, to people who are seeking sober living services within 50 miles of your property location.  This will increase your visibility by up to 175% vs. general listings.

3.  Full control to manage your listing including 10 photos, amenities, updating prices, updating vacancy, accepting/declining reservations, and keeping track of your earnings.  Even when you don't have vacancy, your listing will still be shown.

General listings are great for those homes on a budget or just want to test out the service before paying for it.  You will be asked to input your payment details before starting your free service but you can cancel at anytime before the paid service starts.

General listing

Our General listing

For General listing, there are some obvious benefits for sober home owners to use this option. 

1. You get access to our powerful back end management system for posting and managing your property listing.  You can turn on or turn off your vacancy with 1 click, just like in the featured listings.

2. Your listing will not be featured on the front page of the site, but will be searchable by anyone who is searching for homes in your location and matches the criteria that your home has to offer.  You can list up to 10 photos of your home and brag about your amenities! 

3. Free listing! Those beds won't fill themselves so list your property today to get started.

4. Option to upgrade to featured listing at any point if you want your property shown on the front page!

Booking Fees vs. Listing Fees
The above listing prices are the advertising fees to show your property to potential residents on  There are no refunds offered for listings and reservations are not guaranteed. Once the person decides to book a room at your property, they will pay a booking fee of 1% of the total amount of time they plan on staying at your property, but they will be refunded automatically if they do not meet the criteria to enter your home and you decide to reject them.  This % will be subtracted from the amount owed to your property upon their arrival and kept by for service fees, taxes, and to give back to the recovery community.  Home owners can choose to deduct the payment from the final weeks/months that the client will be staying to ensure they get their full rental funds up front or deduct from the first week/months. 
We make finding a sober home simple.
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© 2019, All Rights Reserved