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For those of you who are unfamiliar with sober homes, sober living homes are safe, substance-free living environments for individuals in recovery. Sober houses require residents to abstain from alcohol and drug use and usually offer a variety of services, amenities and a wealth of peer support. 

We make finding and booking a room in a sober home simple. We’re the first national technology service to provide this type of solution to both those seeking a sober home and those wanting to market their sober home. Our goals are simple; make this step in the recovery process as easy as possible, while reducing fraud in the industry, and setting industry standards.  To help set industry standards, we're only seeking to post certified sober homes on our site and will review each posting carefully before publishing it.

Whether you’re an individual looking for a sober living environment for yourself, a family member or friend searching for your loved one, or you represent a referral agency, we will help you find the sober home that fits your needs.

RecoveryBooking.com is a tech startup based in Denver, Colorado that services the sober living community across the entire United States. In some cases, those seeking sober homes are directed to 1-800 numbers, where they are unknowingly being shopped around behind the scenes to the highest bidder, who could care less about the type of care the person is seeking.  We think this is unacceptable because they should be able to see all of the things a home has to offer within their budget, including whether or not they have a nurse onsite before booking a room.

To help improve industry standards and reduce fraud, we encourage sober home owners to list their certifications on their listing.  We will also be investing in initiatives to help create more strict industry standards and certifications. After booking a room, sober home tenants will be able to leave reviews on the site about the sober living home, to ensure bookings are not fraudulent in any way.

For most people seeking recovery, finding a vacant bed in their price range in their desired location can be a challenge, and it is often a race against the clock. If an individual cannot find a sober living facility when they finish a recovery program, they are often left with nowhere else to return to but the environment that led them into recovery - which dramatically decreases their chances for success.  Together, we can change that and get people back to living the lives they deserve.


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What makes us different? Our technology, our focus on simplicity, and our people.

Advisor: Ronie Fuller, President of CARR (Colorado Association of Recovery Residences)

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© 2019 RecoveryBooking.com, All Rights Reserved